mardiiah_bagstoree or mardiaah_bagstore

If you planned buying designer bags from mardiiah_bagstoree on Instagram, please DON’T! They are scammers.

This post is updated January 10 2021. Please read the latest news on the scammers at the bottom of this page.

mardiiah_bagstoree have bought 20.000 followers, and try to scam good people on Instagram. They are located in Indonesia, and from the their shitty caves they try to scam you. Yes, I feel sorry for them, that their lives are miserable, but please don’t send your money to them. You will never receive anyting.

mardiiah_bagstoree – scam

Now you are warned. mardiiah_bagstoree is an Instagram cheater, and they will steal your money. So please don’t try to do business with them – let them burn in hell, and buy from other places.

Update January 10 2021

mardiiah_bagstoree is now mardiaah_bagstore

As of January 10 these scammers changed their name fram mardiiah_bagstoree to mardiaah_boagstore on Instagram. The cheaters use same concept with false followers, and that way they try to convince people to buy designer bags from their Instagram profile. This is a scam, and you should NEVER buy anything from them. They live in caves and they do not have any designer bags. They only got a wooden stick and some stone… so please never buy anything from them.

Below you find the new Instagram profile for their scam: